I have bad news for international students aiming for CEC express entry

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2021.11.28 18:16 vanchicko I have bad news for international students aiming for CEC express entry

So Canada has stopped announcing CEC invites for PR applications since September.
For those of you who do not know what CEC is, it's basically an immigration program that's most convenient for international students to receive a PR, among those who hold a bachelor's degree from Canada.
The reason why Canada accepted so many CEC immigrants was because of COVID-19 since the borders were shut down and they had to stop accepting FSWP express entry applications.
Before 2020, Canada only announced 1 batch of CEC invites.
With COVID going away, and Canada slowly adopting the re-opening policies, it has become increasingly likely that Canada will begin receiving FSWP applications from abroad.
What this means is that Canada won't have to rely solely on CEC for highly skilled immigrants, and will either reduce quotas for CEC intakes or announce a combined express entry program with FSWP. In either case, the CRS cutoffs will be in the high 400s, say 470 or 480 to 500+.
This suggests that many international students will need at least 2 years of work experience, extremely high IETLS/CELPIP scores + 1-year work experience, or additional education on top of their 1-year work experience to meet CEC (or express entry) cutoffs.
The three options above are ways to increase your chances for those of you who haven't yet applied for their PRs. Alternatively, you can go to earn a master's degree in BC to aim for BCPNP (which basically guarantees a PR). This process is much more difficult and uncertain in Ontario.
If you have questions or additional suggestions, or opinions please share them. Let's discuss.
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2021.11.28 18:16 QuarckNL Bridges

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2021.11.28 18:16 NORDLAN Fauci: ’I’m going to be saving lives and they're going to be lying’

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2021.11.28 18:16 kayathekaren H:befms gp+brahim mask+urb mask W:offers

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2021.11.28 18:16 DemonDeac23 His strength comes from above

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2021.11.28 18:16 Error-002 So I want to hook up a cable box to my pc. Hdmi from box to back of pc. There is no coax cable or anything. How would this work?

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2021.11.28 18:16 postmascone Friend said something hurtful while drunk

Last night I was out with friends and one of them was pretty drunk - I recently went bald. Its whatever no big deal I can kinda rock it, but its relevant to the story.
So it's still a new change and it was a challenging thing to go through hairloss at my age (I'm 21). So anyway, it was the end of the night and I was in a good mood and in the line on the way out of the club he blurted out "you look like a 67 year old man with your bald" as a joke or not idk he just drunkenly said it. At the time I played it off and joked about it and feigned offence despite the fact I was actually hurt I pretended to be jokingly offended and made a joke or something, I can't remember but I played it off and tried to forget about it so I could enjoy the rest of the night.
However it really stuck with me, I've had a hard time dealing with hairloss, while it's not all bad by any means nor the end of the world it still feels bad when my friend says something like this that just tanks my confidence. I know he was drunk but I kinda wish I'd told him to fuck off when he said it instead of acting like I didn't care.. and the fact he was drunk makes me fear that he really thinks that, the worst part is he's one of my gay friends so I kinda take his opinion on my appearance more seriously than I would any of my other friends. I doubt he remembers and I know he'd feel terrible if I told him that it hurt my confidence and maybe it's worth having that conversation, maybe it's not I'm not sure. I just need advice.
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2021.11.28 18:16 BifBeansRep Brothers In Farms Photo's Reposted from @creamsiclesbeans I fucking love when customers send me progress pics 💪 Another one of the members over...

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2021.11.28 18:16 wyrmzier Just Finished Reading "This Is How You Lose the Time War" by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone

just WOW what a good read. Reasonably short but absolutely full to the brim with story, the descriptions were intricate and poetic, the letters were so fun it was really like reading correspondence between two soldiers/lovers, I've never been one for time travel story with how confusing things can get but I feel like the time travel aspect was handled quite smoothly. Red and Blue's relationship was sooo goood they way they were intricately woven into eachothers lives ;;w;;
The dystopian aspect of their respective lives was also so interesting, Garden made me think of the eco cult in Margaret Atwoods Oryx and Crake series and Commandment made me think of big brother in 1984, it was interesting to see how they contrasted and yet were quite similar.
I just feel like the whole book was reading a work of poetry. Anyways totally a 5/5
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2021.11.28 18:16 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptoMoonCoins] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 18:16 b3wsy YSK XP & Fast Travel boards don't mix with skill scores

Was drifting around a bit, built about a 50k skill score and decided to go for a fast travel I haven't hit yet. Ended the score but hey...at least I'm up about FT board aha
Anyone else notice this?
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2021.11.28 18:16 madahun HDPE corny keg

Hi! Someone was asking question about keggina couple of days back using what is basically a 4.5l hdpe corny keg. Does anyone if there is something similar in europe/a store that ships to europe?
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2021.11.28 18:16 Heisenberginthehouse Guess my ethnicity! I am a mix of two things!

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2021.11.28 18:16 jhaelego My Custom Minifig Scale Republic Gunships!

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2021.11.28 18:16 NozhaXBL 13 years and Kralle still got it.

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2021.11.28 18:16 SnattleRake69 Shoutout to the healers! We love you!

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2021.11.28 18:16 _RKT Biofire Filmarray targets s-gene and m-gene. could it be used to roughly test omicron variant?

"Current SARS-CoV-2 PCR diagnostics continue to detect this variant. Several labs have indicated that for one widely used PCR test, one of the three target genes is not detected (called S gene dropout or S gene target failure) and this test can therefore be used as marker for this variant, pending sequencing confirmation. Using this approach, this variant has been detected at faster rates than previous surges in infection, suggesting that this variant may have a growth advantage."
So we have Biofire and was wondering if any of you got any directive to look out for positive result with negative S-gene? Or use Biofire over other analyzers such as GeneXpert or whatever you may have.
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2021.11.28 18:16 saltroastclef Бинанс Ipo

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2021.11.28 18:16 InfiniteComfortable3 Characters that everybody hates but you like apply, too

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2021.11.28 18:16 oki_hornii-chan Shigetora

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2021.11.28 18:16 JonJetCoaster 4PX - Has anyone used this for shipping?

I haven't seen anyone mention it as a shipping option on here, so I was wondering if anyone else had actually used it?
As per the shipping guide estimation, E-EMS is like 90cny per 100g, but 4PX is 5cny per 100g. I thought it was an absolute no brainer as it's only cost me 100xny to ship a 1.5kg parcel.
Has anyone else had experience with 4PX? Shipping estimation said about 10 days, but it's been 3 so far and not even been accepted by the postal office yet - so I'll reset my days counter when it does get accepted ;)
How long did it take for you and what was your customs clearance time like? I'm in the UK,,, so any replies from UK Goo-ers would be greatly appreciated :)
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2021.11.28 18:16 JJand1 Server browser

I know its been said tons of times but we desperately need one. Had to put the game down i cant be put into another match of breakaway. Even if i leave and wait for a couple and try again it puts me back into that same match over and over again. Game please i dont dont want to play it .
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2021.11.28 18:16 RandyVogue Festival Madrid Luz con un edit de House Noventera cutre

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2021.11.28 18:16 OSI1400 ~Racetrack Build then i raced on it

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2021.11.28 18:16 MaruuuraM Bengals vs Christmas tree

I really want to get a Christmas tree but my girl WILL pull the tree down in the first 10 minutes!! I see Bengal owners posting pictures of Bengals and Christmas trees in one shot. Please share tips on how to do this.
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