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New Nft On The Rise

2021.11.28 17:34 No-Statistician4531 New Nft On The Rise

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2021.11.28 17:34 Calm_Taiga Black Cumin Seed Oil and Thymoquinone (Which brand is legitimate?)

Hey everyone!
I've been looking into buying black cumin seed oil capsules and was wondering if anyone knows of/recommends a brand that sells it.
I've been reading about thymoquinone and its benefits and know that it's a compound found in Nigella sativa so I've been trying to find a supplement that doesn't heavily dilute it. A lot of brands that I've been looking into don't have a lot of research backing their statements or are vague with the amount of thymoquinone that's actually in their product.
I've been reading about thymoquinone and its benefits and know that it's a compound found in Nigella sativa, so I've been trying to find a supplement that doesn't heavily dilute it. Many of the brands that I've been looking into don't have a lot of research backing their statements or are vague with the amount of thymoquinone that's actually in their product.
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2021.11.28 17:34 Alert-Act-62 Ist so geil vertraut

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2021.11.28 17:34 DuoDavid7 [Academic] Social Media and Forums (All Welcome)

[Academic] Social Media and Forums (All Welcome) submitted by DuoDavid7 to takemysurvey [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 17:34 RL_MatRat [STEAM] [EU] Looking for a personal coach.

I'm from the UK, 15 years old and ranked around 1500-1600. I'm looking for a personal coach as I really want to go pro level, but obviously already being 15 I feel as though I'm a bit behind and need some help. I'd ideally like somebody t SSL at least, and to also have had experience in how to go pro in an esport. My discord is MatRat#2011, so dm me if interested.
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2021.11.28 17:34 red_jacket_yes [P] looking for collab for improving the already available NERF/ADOP tools - or is there already a fork for that?

if u like photogrammetry and u have seen all the nerf and adop tools u know photogrammetry is oldschool.
only ai is the way to go. photogrammetry usually takes hunderds of pictures for somewhat good model. and its a lot of tedious boring work. with ai its improved by 1337%. because it is very leet and beautiful.
i can offer healthy tea.
so im looking for improved tools who run natively on windows.
if there are none then we create combination of nerf and adop or whatever. no idea how that works. im not a developer.
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2021.11.28 17:34 ITargetPK 25 London UK - looking for friends for deep discussion!

Heya, I'm looking for people to hang out with and have deep and enjoyable discussions with. I'm down to meet people from anywhere be it for an online chat or to meet up. I'm an open-minded person who loves finding out about people and their ideas. I enjoy talking about Psychology, philosophy, relationships and pretty much anything else! I'd particular like to speak to people from the UK and Europe but open to anywhere!
Here's what I sound like for reference https://voca.ro/16pUdQVJar8T - maybe you'd be up for a call with me!
I have a degree in computing and currently run my own charity and a business in eCommerce!
Here are some of my interests/hobbies!
Travel and Culture - I went to Russia, Iceland, Vienna, Budapest and Malta last year and enjoy travelling and exploring other cultures! So we could chat about that! I've been to loads of European countries as well as America and Canada!
Sports/nutrition - I enjoy playing Frisbee and most sports in general, I really enjoy swimming, yoga, cycling, working out and climbing ( : but unfortunately I'm injured atm, Oh and I am vegan as well
Reading - I love reading Classics atm especially Russian ones recently and I like sci-fi as well! Hit me up with any recommendations. My favourite books lately have been Notes From the Underground and The Death of Ivan Illych
Charity and Effective Altruism - Which means giving or working in the most efficient capacity to do the most good in the world!
Music - I play Trombone, guitar and ukulele and love going to gigs and listening to music, I'm mostly into Pyschadelic music as well as older stuff into rap and EDM as well
Technology - I'm currently into cryptocurrency and love technology and am definitely subscribed to futurology.
Other - I'm really into meditation currently and I am an armchair philosopher and psychologist I love to think about how people work and topics like consciousness, AI all the big questions basically. Fermi Paradox, Von Neumann probes, Dyson spheres and so on! I recently completed Shelly Kagans Philosophy Course on Death which is free on Youtube if you're interested. I'm also in an open relationship too - So open to this if you are as well.
I also play a few games mostly DND and card games so yeh just hmu if you wanna talk!
Pm for messaging app!
Here's a pic of me too!
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2021.11.28 17:34 SuggestionMuted7920 My (20F) boyfriend (23M) has done everything to hurt me and I still can't leave him, is there something wrong with me?

In a couple days we will be coming up to our one year anniversary and even though we spend nearly everyday in each others company I have never felt as isolated as I do now. My boyfriend has long struggled with addiction and when we first got together I was in such a bad place myself I went along with it. At the start of our relationship he lied about cheating on me in the second week we were together, he reasoning for doing so was to see my reaction and to try see if I was cheating on him, which I have never done. It then escalated into him searching through my phone. When he did search through my phone he was so upset by the fact I did not have him in my close friends on Instagram and that I was still in contact with people I had very casually dated a year prior that he broke up with me on the spot. He then destroyed his whole room throwing and smashing all his furniture (luckily I had left at this point). He begged for me to come back and talk to him, at which point he was so drunk he screamed at me and called me a wh*re and a sl*t in front of his whole family. He also sent me abusive texts telling me that 'you should kill yourself' and if "you're too p*ssy to do it I'll do it for you'. Due to my own issues I was and am still very easily manipulated and I thought this was all my fault that I just didn't know how to act in a relationship.
He made me believe for months that I had something to be sorry for so I spent months trying to be the perfect girlfriend. I never questioned him, cut off my family and closest friends for him, stopped going to college as often and was practically failing because of it, all to try and make him happy. Throughout these months nothing ever got better, he broke up with me multiple times, criticised my every move, put me in dangerous situations by starting fights while trying to buy drugs (even once ending up me taking him to hospital due to this), overdosed in front of me, verbally abused me, threw drinks on me and screamed at me down the street multiple times in broad daylight. He again lied about cheating on me, calling me while I was at work to say that he was going to take his friend out as she had recently been broken up with and he wanted to make her feel better and that I would just have to deal with whatever he does. That day I was begging him to just want to spend time with me and all he could reply with was that he hated me and didn't want to see me and I could hear his friends laughing in the background. He was very much intoxicated at the time but it sent me into the biggest panic attack I have ever had. On another occasion he owed me 20 euro and instead gave me 50 and then proceeded to break up with me, on that same day on my way home from work when I got off the train where we live he was there waiting for me drunk. He demanded the money back and I said no and laughed. He got so angry and my dad at the time had recently left as my mum kicked him out for his own addictions. He knew my dad had left so he threatened that my mum would pay him when I have her daughter by the hair'. It actually scared me, when we got up to the front door of my house I ran in crying and had to get my mum to transfer the money so he would leave me alone because he was threatening to come back with a hammer if I didn't send it over quickly.
My parents hate him, my dad is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and has been clean now for a couple months and while in active addiction him and my boyfriend would drink and do drugs together sometimes. One day this ended up in a fight where my dad broke his foot and threatened him after my boyfriend had made a derogatory comment about me. I had to pick up my boyfriend from the pub after work with his broken foot, he was crying the most emotional I had ever seen him and I feel so bad about it all. I walked him home but he wanted to come round to my house and when my mum wouldn't let him in he started arguing with her and telling her about all the things he does for me and that she is so ungrateful, even though she made perfect sense. He couldn't come over because my dad was going to come home an they would have just got in a fight again. My boyfriend resented me for what my dad did and still does but my dad has changed his life its still early days but he's really turned it around and my boyfriend has yet to do so and I don't like hearing him just say horrible abusive things about my family.
Lately there hasn't been any problems as large as these, he just can't keep promises, ditches plans we have to see his friends, bets all of his money, uses my money for that purpose too, I have to pay for all our dates and he's constantly stealing off his parents. I now am hugely insecure about how I look due to all the times he's said he's cheated on me and because every time we've broken up hi using tinder and purposely messaging people I know. Including one time where he was using tinder the day he asked me to be his girlfriend again, while telling me he loves me he was texting her back too. Along with several other horrible things that have happened that would take ages to write about. Now he's in a place where he has no one else in his life apart from me, his family absolutely resent him and he is always talking about suicide. I don't know what else to do, there are some parts of him I love but do I actually or is my head just messed up from all he's put me through. I feel like I'm in a position where I can't leave. It hurts being with him but it hurts so much more when we're not together. There is no one in either of our lives who thinks we should be together, is there something wrong with me? I just want to us to be happy but I know it's too late so why can't I just walk away. Sorry this is so long but I don't have anyone else to talk to anymore, I feel like I'm living in a fog.
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2021.11.28 17:34 jandr00id I made a tiny paper airplane that can fly

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2021.11.28 17:34 Zanekiser Want a chance to win 2500 matic? Yocoin is having a give away in less than 5 hours. Grab a yoconaut from opensea.io/collection/yoconauts. Hold in your wallet at time of drawing. Matic will be deposited to your wallet if you win! Join the yocoin discord to show some love :) discord.gg/yocoinyoco

Want a chance to win 2500 matic? Yocoin is having a give away in less than 5 hours. Grab a yoconaut from opensea.io/collection/yoconauts. Hold in your wallet at time of drawing. Matic will be deposited to your wallet if you win! Join the yocoin discord to show some love :) discord.gg/yocoinyoco submitted by Zanekiser to CryptoCurrencyClassic [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 17:34 Ajwuvsu What's your favorite public event?

I know they all serve different purposes, but what's some you really enjoy? For me, Scorched Earth is fun af when there's a lot of players there. Regardless of participants, my fav are: Uranium Fever The Path To Enlightenment Feed The People
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2021.11.28 17:34 lopsidedawn Wonderful World Filter - v2.0 update Coming soon. All images from game https://discord.gg/D5kc5X546r

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2021.11.28 17:34 AftxnFamilyy TRADING 3,852 ROBUX WITHOUT TAX!

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2021.11.28 17:34 solohdfan it’s only 8pm?? why am I so exhausted??

I’ve been going to sleep so early these days.
By 5pm I’m yawning and my 8pm it’s bedtime.
Probably something with the clocks going back.
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2021.11.28 17:34 the_borscht I typed “Kyle Rittenhouse” into that AI art generator and it created the nightmare lefties see him as

I typed “Kyle Rittenhouse” into that AI art generator and it created the nightmare lefties see him as submitted by the_borscht to Destiny [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 17:34 faisalsa011 For how long did y’all went without eating?

Hello everyone, i have been doing keto omad for three days. And i have notice that i’ve probably i could have continued fasting the whole day. And i have a question for y’all should i go the whole day? And is it healthy and if some of you did fast for day whole doing keto what was the result were like?
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2021.11.28 17:34 MisterDollahSignz I used some TVP to make a burger today for the first time.

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2021.11.28 17:34 Far-Chef-982 (FREE) Boldy James x Alchemist x Freddie Gibbs Type Beat - Cologne, any kind of support is welcome ❤️🙏

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2021.11.28 17:34 Jellymanj99 See you bois next decade

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2021.11.28 17:34 SpiritWardenX Finally tracked down all of Tenebrae's robe peices

It's a mix of Karness Murr's Lower Robe. Revanite Avenger Belt, Nobel Councilor's Cuffs, Force Champion Headgear (not pictured here), Resort Swimwear Gloves and Resort Swimwear Top. Now, I am 100% SURE his sandals are the Resort Swimwear Sandals, but the model is invisible when using a skirt at least in the preview window -- substituted with Jori Daragon's Footwrap
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2021.11.28 17:34 OrbitalColony Safety foods?

What are some of your safety foods for when you are super overstimulated and need something easy?
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2021.11.28 17:34 smmedianews From the ashes, Cyberpunk 2077 rises to become a Steam bestseller

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2021.11.28 17:34 exxidro Imperial Star Destroyer, sorry for the dust on it, I assembled it a year ago...

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2021.11.28 17:34 Nervous-Programmer97 DOBERMOON | 30K MARKETCAP | Very Early P2E GameFI | 3weeks old !

A little idea of the adventure: The Earth is overcrowded, living space is limited, pollution has been devastated, the Humans of the time destroyed everything. We have to find an alternative. This is why Mr. Dobershi Nakatomo designed a crew in total discretion, with the aim of conquering new territories, and discovering new habitable lands. LP LOCK 24 months MC 30k! DoberMoon is a game where everyone can play and have fun. Possibility of playing in Free To Play unlike some games where you need several thousand dollars to start! A large collection of NFT's will be available so that each is a unique skin, allowing it to become more efficient! The project is under development. We have a lot of ambitions with regard to it. A little recap of our project so that everyone has a precise idea of the project: The NFT's will be classified among 5 categories (1) Municipality (2) Rare (3) Unique (4) Epic (5) Legendary If you invest in NFT's, it will get you more in-game bonus. However, it is possible to earn money without investing anything. We want to set up a community game, where each of you can post ideas for improvements, either in-game, or on our future platform. A community game therefore implies an acid community. We are, and will always be, listening to our players. TOKENOMICS: 12% Total Tax 5% Holders 5% Liquidity pool 2% Marketing Website : dobermoon.site Twitter : https://twitter.com/DMoonOfficial Telegram : https://t.me/DoberMoonofficialgroup 
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2021.11.28 17:34 heeph0p Basement Staircase

Hey guys,
I think it’s time I try to fix this hack job that is my basement staircase. I’d prefer to DIY it if it’s not too hard.
Here’s my situation:
Not even sure where to start. How would you guys close the gaps?/
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