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Kasa app question

2022.01.21 02:37 Snipes542 Kasa app question

Is there a way to set up multiple homes or is grouping the only option?? I have two homes and am in the process of adding kasa devices to both so I was wondering if it's possible to add two separate homes to one account or would I have to make separate accounts for each home then log in and out as needed? I also see grouping as an option but then having two devices named kitchen I assume you would have to also add home A and home B to the end of the "kitchen" device name.... Making two accounts and having to log in and out doesn't seem to be efficient or ideal to me....
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2022.01.21 02:37 larry-brad Who else is gonna go on an epic MMLP 1&2 binge to deal with this 😢

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2022.01.21 02:37 Vinz_____Clortho Found this Sanyo DS27800 on the side of the road the other week. It works completely fine right now, though it was a bit weird the first time I booted it up. Image looks beautiful.

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2022.01.21 02:37 DrManik Karl sends his regards

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2022.01.21 02:37 mememega42 I love madolches

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2022.01.21 02:37 snuff_film wtf did i do wrong

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2022.01.21 02:37 JimHarbor Is Rauw Alejandro Afro-Latin?

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2022.01.21 02:37 Fit_Illustrator_7389 https://discord.gg/x5UfjbG3

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2022.01.21 02:37 vindictiveThoth Drama at work

TL;DR At bottom
So while trying to be as vague as possible. Basically there was an event that recently happened at my workplace between a coworker and I. This person is at the same level as I (at our location we are one step below the "boss" but that boss has a boss who has a boss who...etc) The problem is that this person is continually tardy to their shifts. Anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes late. Every single shift. And that's just to the ones that they make it to. I cannot think of a single week where this person hasn't called in to work. The reasons are always fairly reasonable. However the problem is that this is a pattern. We've worked together for a couple of years at this point and this has been ongoing since their start at our company. Recently I just couldn't take it anymore and I decided that I was going to say something because it needed to happen. And I'm not going to lie I absolutely did not handle this in the best way possible. I reacted to my emotions and while what I said wasn't inandofitself malicious or negative (it was sarcastic of course saying something along of the lines of how kind of you to come in today) And this person decided to react with a verbal outburst including vulgarity. As in that was their immediate reaction. No consideration as to whether we had clients within earshot or not. Now I'm not proud to admit this but yes it got under my skin and since I knew that there were no clients in the vicinity (I had been on location all day) I let my emotions get the best of me and I decided to continue responding. I don't remember exactly what was exchanged but I know I called them out for their lack of presence at work and they did not take it well. Basically they ended up walking out saying that I'd be losing my job. Now I want to be clear that I have not been concerned about losing my job over this interaction. I know what I put into this company. I know that this needed to happen. However I can't help but to feel guilty. I didn't expect this outcome. I just figured this person would be pouty for the remainder of their shift. However now this person has been terminated as an employee for breaching our respect policy. Which means that they could reasonably lose their house that they just bought barely a month ago. I feel like I'm the catalyst to their downfall and my brain won't stop telling me that I'm the bad guy. I guess I'm looking for outside perspectives on this whole mess.
TL;DR I got sassy with a colleague for their persistent tardiness and lack of attendance in general which resulted in them losing their job and potentially home place. Halp
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2022.01.21 02:37 Angelaplay_ Finally finished my Grian fanart!, first time drawing him, very proud how it turned out!

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2022.01.21 02:37 Chicken_Of_The_C What is your favorite Shovel Knight game and why?

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2022.01.21 02:37 WutDuhF Most practical designation/certifications for Procurement professionals in Canada?

I am wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on the designations and certifications out there and what would be the most useful for a procurement professional.
I am based in Canada and have seen certifications/designations like SCMP, CPSM, CPPB, CPPO, CSCP, etc.
Employer will cover costs which I am so grateful for.
What would be the most practical for a procurement professional in Canada? I have heard SCMP looks good on the resume, but in terms of procurement you won’t get much out of it. Thoughts?
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2022.01.21 02:37 AustinAndGaming Streamer accidentally purges all 6k of his followers while trying to purge bot follows

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2022.01.21 02:37 UMichStudy Participants Needed: Gender, Religion and Technology Study

Hello! I am a master's student from the University of Michigan, School of Information. Looking for married or individuals in long-term live-in relationships living in India for a research study about the impact of religion and technology on romantic relationships.
The interview (remote, via Zoom) takes 60 - 90 minutes and you will be compensated 1000 Rs. for your time.
If you are interested in participating, please take this survey to check eligibility and view the consent form to be filled out: https://umich.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_06sbWtAfWNdg6Am?utm_source=umsi&utm_medium=survey&utm_campaign=gender_study. Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary.
We're currently scheduling participants from now until the end of January. If you are eligible for the research, and you have provided contact information, we will contact you about setting up the interview.
If you have any questions regarding the study or the survey linked above please contact me at [umsi-gender-study@umich.edu](mailto:umsi-gender-study@umich.edu)
Thank You!
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2022.01.21 02:37 Allstarnewstar Don't make me force you.

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2022.01.21 02:37 CheetahSperm18 Wheat Field [Original]

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2022.01.21 02:37 yokesh351 Twitter Blue rolls out NFT profile pics for iOS

The feature can only be used by paid Twitter Blue users on iOS.
On Thursday afternoon, Twitter announced that it would be rolling out iOS support for nonfungible token, or NFT development, hexagonal avatars. As of now, only paid subscribers of Twitter Blue using iOS, which costs $2.99 per month, can access the feature. According to a tutorial video, users can connect their wallet, including Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Argent, or Ledger Live, and set it as their profile pic, with the process taking a few seconds.
Users can also learn more about each other's NFT avatars, such as their owners, creators, description of the series, as well as verification of authenticity on third-party platforms like OpenSea. According to Twitter, the platform does not maintain an ongoing connection with one's crypto wallet. However, the firm stores one's public wallet address to ensure that it continues to hold the NFT avatar. Although one can only set it on iOS through Twitter Blue, the NFT profile pic will be visible across all platforms.
The functionality of the development is still in the early stages. Twitter currently supports only static images, such as JEPG and PNG files, minted on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, including ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards. But if one sells or transfers the NFT while still set as a profile picture, it will not display any information regarding its ownership when clicked.
But any over-enthusiasm would be short-lived. According to Twitter user and blockchain enthusiast , the feature appears to work for any NFT in one’s collection— not just those in verified collections. In other words, an internet stranger can simply right-click-save any NFT from a Twitter profile, mint it, and then use it as their avatar.
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2022.01.21 02:37 SameFuckingBlood OP asks if she is the asshole for stopping her roommate from being able to adopt a cat

This is a repost. The original was posted by u/hotsauce245.
My roommate is vegan and wanted to adopt a cat. She bought pretty much everything she needs and I was fine with it. I have a dog so why can't she have a cat? Then an order came for cat food. It was a brand called VeganPet. She was planning to feed the cat vegan dry food.
I told her cats can't eat a vegan diet because they are carnivores and it can lead to health issues. Not to mention a diet of solely dry food for cats can lead to kidney stones and dehydration. My roommate would not budge on this issue and ultimately said if its made for cats then it is ok for cats.
So I ultimately drop the issue and we get to the shelter. My roommate can't drive so I was the chauffeur and as we live together we thought it would be good for us to look at the cats together. The shelter lady was asked us a bunch of questions like if we had other pets, what out house was like, if we had a catio or safe outdoor area the cat can't escape from etc and then she gets to nutrition. She asks about what we would be feeding and vet care. My RM lies and says that she would be feeding hills instead of veganpet. I was gobsmacked tbh.
I wait until my RM is distracted and tell the shelter volunteer that she will be feeding veganpet and not hills. I think this is what made the shelter turn down my roomates application for the cat. When I told my RM the truth she locked herself in her room. She hasn't spoken to me since. I was told by our mutual friend that I overstepped and should have stayed out of it. Idk
Update: its about 7:30pm my RM finished work at 4 but she didn't come home. This is pretty unusual for her but I assumed she had something to do maybe shopping....
She got a cat. I asked her where it is from she said she bought it from someone off gumtree (similar to Craigslist). So we have a ragdoll now ig 🤦🏽‍♀️
ETA: i will feed the cat separately. I feed my dog raw food, his freezer is in the garage which my RM never uses so it will be easy to just buy extra meat after formulating a diet plan suitable for cats and feeding the cat at the same time as my dog.
ETA: i will just answer a few questions here. -she is antivaxx and minimal vet care. She wants to be "holistic and natural" but the cat will receive proper vet care i won't budge on that ever.

Apparently its bladder stones and UTIs and not kidney stones. Idfk I'm not a cat

A thread about VeganPet (I'd recommend reading this)

So to start I took my roommate and the cat to the vet on Monday like you all told me to do. The poor kitten is tiny and he was covered in fleas and very weak. My vet said he had an infection and just in a really bad way. So he stayed at the vets until Wednesday.
The vet did explain to my RM what an appropriate diet for a cat was but I could tell she wasn't listening.
After the initial vet visit we got an estimated bill and it was about $1500 aud. My RM couldn't pay it and made a comment that it was the same amount as the cat cost her! So I told her to give me the cat and I would pay it. That is what she did. My boy also got neutered while there (thank you so much for telling me to neuter him).
He had been home for a day now. I am keeping my dog away from him because my kitten is still weak but he is eating well! He really likes raw food but I am not sure i will keep him on DIY raw and maybe buy his some premade raw from the pet shop or move to wet food. We will see.
RM is moving out. She says she is unable to forgive me and I think she is heartbroken about having to give me the cat. So she will be out probably next week.
Also... my new kitten is called Leo!
my little Leo
ETA: yes she spend over a grand on a DSH she was told he was a purebred ragdoll but he very obviously isn't. Idc though he is so cute and I just love him
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2022.01.21 02:37 yeswap TG 13 iPhone 13 Giveaway {WW} (3/31/2022)

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2022.01.21 02:37 pratikk05 What if there were no questions?

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2022.01.21 02:37 mangoconsal 🕺

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2022.01.21 02:37 arasidi Found this in my fish… is it a parasite?

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2022.01.21 02:37 aqualolc what’s your unpopular opinion?

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2022.01.21 02:37 Lucasta00 Fencing Club on campus?

Im a beginner in fencing (learned for like 2-3months) and I heard that Uiuc had fencing club like in 2019, but I can’t find more info about it. I reached out to their facebook and email but still haven’t gotten an answer. Please let me know if anyone has info about it.
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2022.01.21 02:37 IttyBittyCloset Super bottoms, how do you gape your hole when bottoming?

So, I'm a nasty little fucker that loves dick in the good 'ole booty hole. I recently saw a vid of some dude's gaping hole with a lot of cum inside of it and thought to myself,
"Damn, I want that to be me"
Thing is, I'm usually tight when I bottom. I feel loose and can usually take the biggest of dicks (humble brag), but I've seen for myself that my hole is mostly closed; even after a good pounding.
How do you gaping bottoms get your hole to gape and stay gaping?
Gotdem I'm such a slut
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